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Modern Africa – Liberia Now

Modern Africa – Liberia
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The following documentary presented by Jett and Jahn Media is Modern Africa – Liberia.

This documentary shows the nature of Africans in a society where they are able to govern themselves (without so called “oppression”).

Liberia was founded by freed slaves of America. It had a Civil War in the 1990s which featured colorful war leaders such as General Rambo, General Buttnaked, General Bin Laden,etc. Cannibalism was used by some before going into war and the practice continues today.

No liberal can defend this documentary. It’s hard hitting truth.
The documentary was discussed on Episode 2 of the White Devil Round Table show. Listen Here

The following is revealed about Liberian society:
Virtually no government
Corrupt officials
High Disease and STD rates
High rate of sex workers/prostitution
High rate of murder,violent crime
High rate of hard drug use
Bizarre myths/traditions:
Cutting genital parts,cannibalism,satanic/voodoo practices.
Color Characters:
General Rambo, General Buttnaked (who killed 20,000 Liberians), General Bin Laden

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