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Yung Eggplant

Yung Eggplant

Yung eggplant's album

Yung Eggplant’s First CD

Yung Eggplant is an American rapper signed to Jett and Jahn Media. In November/December of 2010, JnJ Media offered a $10,000 prize and  a record deal to the number #1 rapper that competed in the contest.  Due to confusion within the staff and shady-doings by Mr. Eggplant, he walked out the winner.

You can read more about the origins of Yung Eggplant and the contest here:

Yung Eggplant – The True Story

Yung Eggplant appears in much of Jett and Jahn Media’s video content. In Summer of 2011, he and intern, Tim Roberts, traveled to majority black neighborhoods and interviewed gang bangers, drug dealers, crack heads, and others.

Yung Eggplant keeps his own Youtube Channel here: Eggplant’s YT Channel

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