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The German Origin Of Saint John’s Eve

How Sommersonnenwende Became Feast of St. John the Baptist saintjohnseve

Midsummer (German: Sommersonnenwende) was the German Nordic summer festival celebrated throughout ancient Europe.

The four Nordic seasonal festivals are Sommersonnenwende (June 22), Erntedankfest (September 20), Yuletide (December 22), and… Continue reading

I’m a Boy But I Want To Be a Girl

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Mike Jahn returns! Jett and Mike sit down to watch a documentary about 8 year old children who want a sex change. It is illegal in America to… Continue reading

Jews, Masons, and The Plot to Kill JFK

On November 22, 1963, Freemasons collaborated with Jews in the ritual blood sacrifice of Catholic President, John F. Kennedy at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.
After JFK was murdered, Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in as the 36th President of… Continue reading

Kaitlyn Hunt Arrest Affidavit

According to the Kaitlyn Hunt’s arrest affidavit, the relationship began in a bathroom stall at Sebastian River High School:
“Kaitlyn took (the victim’s) pants off and put her finger inside of (the victim’s) vagina.”
The legal documents also mentions the… Continue reading

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